Sideshow’s Baby Yoda Collectible Is Stunningly Realistic

Yesterday, we took you on a virtual tour of Sideshow Collectibles’ San Diego Comic-Con booth from home—the company’s clever way of mimicking the convention-going experience since the event is virtual this year. Among their bounty of new offerings—from Star Wars collectibles to DC and Marvel figurines and beyond—is one perfect little specimen.

The alien that captured all of our hearts in 2019 and continues to inspire as the long night of 2020 marches ever on.

Sideshow’s Baby Yoda Collectible Is Stunningly Realistic_1Lucasfilm/Giphy

We call him Baby Yoda, though he is formally known as The Child. The little star of Disney+’s live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian, he’s one of the most desired toys of all time. Who can resist those little hairs, those big eyes, those cat-like expressive ears? Well, Sideshow Collectibles knows how much we love Baby Yoda. And that’s why they created the most realistic version of the character to date.

Even better? For the humble price of $375, you can own The Child for yourself.

Tested went to the Sideshow premises to get a closer inspection of the little green alien. And our hearts cried out in adoration from the safety of our homes as we watched. In the video above ( that we found via io9), we get a full look at their life-size, collectible recreation of Baby Yoda who is found in a forest environment in the display that was meant to appear at Comic-Con. Norman Chan chats about the figure with Amy Chase, Sideshow’s Content Coordinator.

Sideshow Collectibles Baby Yoda DisplaySideshow Collectibles

While you can’t visit Baby Yoda at their SDCC booth, you can preorder the 50-year-old Force-using toddler on the Sideshow Collectibles website. And you won’t want to miss out on this one. The 16.5-inch tall figure was created in collaboration with Legacy Effects, the digital effects studio that made the animatronic puppet you see in The Mandalorian. That makes this one of the most screen-accurate recreations of Baby Yoda to date.

Baby Yoda Sideshow Collectibles DisplaySideshow Collectibles

If you’ve ever dreamed about carting around your own little fella, now’s your chance! The Child is set to ship in August.

Featured Image: Tested / Sideshow Collectibles

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