THE SHINING Meets Disney World’s ‘Welcome Back’ Video

After the longest closure in the resort’s history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walt Disney World in Orlando is getting ready to open its gates once again on July 11th. To celebrate their grand re-opening, Disney is putting out a special “Welcome Back” video, showing its cast members getting the resort back into tip top shape. But for many, the idea of going back is still more than a wee bit scary. Horror movie level scary even.

To humorously illustrate just how several folks feel about going back to the resort while the pandemic still rages, a video artist named Nelson Carvajal did a little experiment. He took out the cheerful and uplifting music that Disney used for their “Welcome Back” video, and replaced it with the ominous opening theme music to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining. And you can see the results for yourself down below.

Nelson Carvajal/ Vimeo

This one musical choice sure changed the tone of the whole “Welcome Back” video real quick, didn’t it? Suddenly, all of those Disney World cast members look like they could be working at the Overlook Hotel on the side! All kidding aside, no matter what safety measures they adhere to, right now going to any theme has got to be a little nerve wracking.

Although Disney World is now open for business, Disneyland in Anaheim is remaining closed for the foreseeable future. The Anahiem theme park originally announced an opening on the 65th anniversary date of their opening in July, but those plans were changed as COVID-19 numbers went up in the state of California.

Obviously, the Florida location is not halting any plans. And for a lot of folks, all that’s enough for Disney World’s grand return to be Stephen King level scary right about now.

Featured Image: Warner Brothers

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