SHE-HULK’s Season 1 Finale Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Spoiler Alert

They say you can’t keep a good man, down. But if She-Hulk‘s season one finale proved anything it’s that you can’t keep a Hulk confined to their normal human body. Jen Walters broke free of her inhibitor, same as Emil Blonsky. Only she was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing and he wasn’t. His oversized speaking engagement violated the terms of his parole, sending him back to the Damage Control Supermax Prison for ten years. Of course, he wasn’t there all that long. The She-Hulk finale’s only post-credits scene showed Wong breaking Blonsky out of his cell for good. That means we haven’t seen the last of Abomination in the MCU.

And maybe not the end of Wong’s time showing up on Disney+ TV shows.

Wong opens a portal into Emil Blonksy's jail cell while Blonsky lies on the ground in She-Hulk's season one finale
Marvel Studios

“You took your time.” With that line Emil Blonsky revealed why he had no problem confessing to his parole violation. He knew his time back in a cell wouldn’t last long sincehis friend and sparring partner Wong would break him out. That’s exactly what the Sorcerer Supreme did when he (finally) showed up via his sling ring’s portal. This is no temporary reprieve for Blonsky, either. He’s not going to be traveling back and forth to jail like he did during his initial imprisonment. He took his belongings—which he had packed and ready to go—with him to live as a guest in Kamar-Taj, home to sorcerers, for good.

(We’d guess Kamar-Taj’s shared fridge/”all one with everything” ethos vibes with Blonsky’s new outlook on life. But we’re surprised how much he cared about having wifi. Good thing for him we all know Kamar-Taj has it. They’re not savages.)

Emil Blonsky lying down in his jail cell with all his belongings packed and ready to go in She-Hulk's season one finale
Marvel Studios

As for Wong, he helped out a friend (whose original imprisonment was ethically dubious) while also gaining a powerful ally. The Sorcerer Supreme and all of Kamar-Taj’s magical users need as many super-powered people as they can get. The Scarlet Witch killed countless sorcerers in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The group has arguably never been weaker.

But this She-Hulk post-credits scene also might have delivered a subtle clue about Wong’s future on Disney+, too. Blonsky expected his friend to show up sooner than he did. And it wasn’t hard for Emil to figure out what caused the delay. “You got sucked into another show didn’t you?” Blonsky asked Wong.

Wong shrugs while talking to Emil Blonsky in She-Hulk's season one finale
Marvel Studios

On the surface this is a great callback joke. She-Hulk‘s first season showed Wong’s preferred method of relaxation is marathoning TV shows. (While Madisynn spoils them for him.) Only, Blonsky’s curious choice of the phrase “sucked into” implies a possible second meaning for that statement. Wong got “sucked into” She-Hulk, an MCU Disney+ TV show. This might be Marvel Studios’ clever way of letting us know Wong will also appear on another one of its television programs soon.

We hope he does. As Jen Walters said, everyone loves Wong. (He also serves as “Twitter armor” against criticism. And you just know K.E.V.I.N. wants that.) But whenever Wong returns, whether on Disney+ or in MCU movie, we know he’ll have an enlightened, soft-spoken, giant amphibious rage monster friend with him. How could he not? You can’t keep a Hulk, or an Abomination, down.

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