Celebrating SHE-HULK’s Best BFFs, Wong(ers) and Madisynn

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There’s plenty to love about She-Hulk, but perhaps nothing more so than the relationship between Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts, Wong and party girl Madisynn. During episode four’s hilarious cold open, we learn that a shady LA magician called Donny Blaze—no relation to the far more famous Johnny Blaze as far as we know—has been using one of Kamar Taj’s sling rings for his magic show. During his under-attended set he sends a woman named Madisynn—with two Ns and a Y but not where you thiiiiink—to a strange dimension. But she’s far more powerful than dark magic, so she fights her way out. Madisynn ends up on Wong’s couch, distracting him from his first watch of The Sopranos. Luckily, Madisynn is a huge fan of the iconic show. Unluckily for Wong, she spoils a huge moment. It’s an unexpected—and reluctant—meet-cute between our new favorite MCU besties.

An image from She-Hulk shows Benedict Wong as Wong
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Odd couple relationships have long been at the heart of the best MCU stories. We have Tony Stark and Captain America, Darcy and Jimmy Woo, Bucky and Sam Wilson, and Valkyrie and Korg. So many of the franchise’s funniest and most heartfelt moments come from couplings that pit different personalities against each other. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s fourth episode gives us a new top-tier odd couple friendship between the party girl and the mystical master. Any other Sorcerer Supreme (looking at you, Doctor Strange) may have thrown his unexpected guest out. Not Wong. Instead Wong decides to watch The Sopranos with her while he sues the budget magician who caused the issue. 

When we spoke to Gao at a recent She-Hulk press junket, she was delighted to have brought Benedict Wong and his MCU fan favorite into the She-Hulk fold. “I am so happy to be part of the Wong cinematic universe!” Gao gushed. “Benny is so funny. He knew exactly the tone to walk for this show. It’s always just so fun to be able to bring in a character from the MCU where you see them in more dramatic plot heavy kind of moments where they’re really focused on saving the universe, and then give them the chance to really explore a more fun side, to just hang out in regular life when the universe isn’t at stake.”

Jen Walters arrives at her new law firm in epsidoe two of She-Hulk.
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Those slice-of-life moments have made She-Hulk stand out against the saturated superhero landscape. And the addition of the laid back Sorcerer Supreme only adds to that. His role in Abomination’s court case was wonderfully worry-free, though technically he’s a fugitive from the law now. But it was great to see Wong return again this episode. Though, as we’ve stated, he was not alone. Gao tells us about the introduction of Madisynn. “Melissa Hunter wrote that script and she wrote such a funny script and such a funny character,” Gao said. 

In a show of regularly hilarious characters, positive partygirl Madisynn breaks through as one of the funniest. That’s especially true when she sits alongside the long suffering Sorcerer Supreme. And as Gao tells us, that was always the most important point to hit in the character’s creation. “For Madisynn, you know, it really just came about by asking who would be a funny character that would be at this magic show? Then, in addition to that, somebody that we could really pair with Wong. Patty Guggenheim is so funny, like what a treasure! And such a gifted improviser! The two of them played off each other so perfectly, like a dream.” 

She-Hulk breaking fourth wall with bruce hulk
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It’s truly a match made in heaven. And when Jen calls Madisynn to the stand, things only get better for the audience—but worse for Wong! While she might not be a dream witness, she is the dream binge-watching buddy and the pair head off together to finish their favorite show. What could have felt like a one-off gag becomes something much more thanks to Wong and Guggenheim. And thanks to them She-Hulk delivers its funniest episode yet. 

If after the episode fans understandably want to see more of Madisynn and her best TV watching Sorcerer Supreme bud, then don’t worry as Gao has some big dreams for the pair. “My goal now is to make a Wong and Madisynn Halloween Special!” 

We need that more than air!

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