All Our YURI ON ICE Dreams Came True in This Figure Skating Performance

Yuri On Ice has been nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. The beloved show is one of the most talked about anime in recent years and–if you’ve yet to have the pleasure of watching it–focuses on the lives of three professional figure skaters as they take part in an international competition. The 12-episode series has gained a huge fanbase for its realistic and nuanced representation of same-sex relationships, and generally being very lovely indeed. So it’s unsurprising that the entire internet lost its collective mind when Japan’s Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara performed a routine featuring one of the most well known pieces of music from the Yuri On Ice soundtrack at 2018’s Pyeongchang Olympic Games! You can watch the gorgeous performance here:

The pair have been dancing together since 2015 and have actually performed the Yuri routine before, but this was the first time they’ve done it on an international stage, and it was honestly beautiful. It’s unsurprising that pro-skaters have brought Yuri On Ice to the Olympics, though, as many of the sport’s top names have publicly proclaimed their love for the anime. Like Russian pro-skater Evgenia Medvedeva, who’s an outspoken fan of the show and often tweets about it!

The Japanese skaters’ performance has made them fan favorites in this year’s competition and we can’t wait to see what radical stuff they bring to the rest of the 2018 Olympics. If you’ve yet to watch Yuri On Ice, you can still catch up as the whole series is on Crunchyroll. And for all you figure skating fans, there’s also a Yuri On Ice movie in the works.Did you cry when you heard what Suzaki and Kihara were performing to? Do you have a fave sports anime? Are you a sexy pork cutlet bowl? Let us know below!

Image: MAPPA

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