Ryan Reynolds (Kinda) Apologizes to Hugh Jackman and His Dog

Ryan Reynolds has done the unthinkable. After taking another unprovoked shot at his longtime “nemesis” and fellow Marvel superhero Hugh Jackman, the Deadpool star has done the one thing we never thought he would. He has actually apologized. No…no, wait. That’s not quite right. He sort of apologized. And not to Hugh Jackman, but to a Mr. Hugh JACKSON. Which makes us think Reynolds isn’t totally sorry about insulting Hugh and his dog.

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The latest chapter in Hollywood’s silliest “beef” (which we heard about at ComicBook.com) began when the Greatest Showman posted a video on Twitter of him dancing while holding his adorable French bulldog. Jackman’s dog didn’t seem to love being out on the dance floor, but he didn’t seem to hate it either. But Reynolds, who saw the video on Twitter, had a much big concern than whether the dog was enjoying himself. He responded to Jackman’s tweet by asking, “What kind of monster puts tap dancing shoes on a dog?”

As it’s abundantly clear from the video, the French bulldog was not, in fact, wearing shoes. (Though his little paws did make an amazing sound when he ran towards the camera after Jackman put him down on the floor.) A minute later Reynolds, now claiming to have actually watched the 14 second clip, replied to his own tweet with an apology that does not seem entirely sincere.

As of now, Jackson…er, Jackman has not yet publicly accepted Reynolds’ apology. Though we’re sure he appreciates everyone knowing the dog was not suffering in tap shoes and was “dressed normally.” We do have one idea for how Jackman should respond. He should give Reynolds exactly what he wants, and no we don’t mean another entry in their “feud.” Jackman should appear in Deadpool 3. It would basically neuter Reynolds’ ability to publicly shame him.

And then Jackman can finally focus on more important things than a dumb public prank war. Like dancing with his dog.

Featured Image: Ryan Reynolds

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