Ryan Reynolds Surprised Hugh Jackman with a Birthday Song

Hugh Jackman seems like a guy who has life figured out. He spent a decade as the face of a popular superhero franchise, playing one of the most iconic and beloved comic book characters ever. When he wasn’t busy stabbing bad guys with adamantium claws he was following his true passion by singing and dancing his way through big Hollywood musicals. Rather than rest on his laurels (or his giant piles of money, for that matter), he has been traveling the world this year with his very own live stage show. Yup, everything in Hugh Jackman’s life seems pretty good, save for one consistently annoying problem: Ryan Reynolds won’t leave him the hell alone.

The Deadpool star has made it his mission to troll Jackman anywhere and everywhere he goes until he agrees to play Wolverine once more alongside the Merc With a Mouth. But it’s not all bad, because Reynolds’ troll jobs are always funny, and sometimes even kind of sweet. For instacne, when he made a video drop-in during one of Jackman’s recent shows to sing Happy Birthday to Hugh.

Jackman brought his stage show The Man. The Music. The Show. to Indianapolis at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Saturday, October 12, which was also the X-Men star’s 51st birthday. At the end of a performance he made a joke about his frenemy, saying, “Let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that,” which he then followed up by telling the audience, “Please don’t post that last bit. Please just keep that between us.”

Not only did it not stay between them, it was right then that Ryan Reynolds appeared on the big screen above the stage. At first, Reynolds said he was hurt by those comments, but then he led the audience through a rendition of the Happy Birthday song (without any formal training) as Jackman’s crew came out on stage with cake.

Of course things got dirty at the end of the song; it’s Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. How else could it end but with vulgarities and someone getting flipped off?

While Reynolds posted his own version of the video, you can also see what it looked like from the audience.

Look, we know there’s a non-zero chance this was not actually the surprise Jackman made it out to be. (Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t—we’re just saying Hugh Jackman is a talented actor who could definitely fake it.) But whether this was really an unexpected video drop-in or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was a lot of fun. Hollywood has plenty of real feuds and fake friendships that it’s cool to see two super popular actors can still find the time to make fun of one another like old friends.

It also helps that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty funny troll.

Featured Image: Ryan Reynolds

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