A Chorus of Rubber Chickens Plays the JURASSIC PARK Theme

Every so often, a cover comes along that makes you say, “Bok!” Okay, okay, not really. But after watching this wonderfully weird cover of the Jurassic Park theme by rubber chickens, we might be a little obsessed.

The cover is by The Critters, who posted the video to TikTok. Their viral video currently has over five million views. And it’s easy to see why! Clocking in under 45 seconds, the video features a blue bowling ball as it rolls down a shelf. Quickly, a rubber chicken appears, and the bowling ball runs right over it. Immediately after, we hear the first few notes of John Williams‘ very recognizable, iconic Jurassic Park them being ‘sung’ by a bunch of rubber chickens. 


Nobody asked for this.

♬ original sound - Enbiggen

Within seconds, rows of rubber chickens appear, joining together for a chorus.You can close your eyes and imagine spotting your first Brontosaurus a la Laura Dern and Sam Neill. Just beware the T. rex, who would probably swallow these chickens (and you!) in one gulp.

And the popular TikTok channel doesn’t just do rubber chicken covers, by the way. With over 600K followers, the channel calls itself a “maker of silly things.” So, we took a browse through and can verify, they make videos to bring smiles to all.

A blue bowling ball rolling over rubber chickens in a cover of John Williams' Jurassic Park theme song. The Critters

For example, this “ Hey Jude” cover. It’s just a metal-looking ball rolling through some noise-making items. But the result is a giggle-inducing cover. It’s also not too terrible to listen to. However, it’s no chorus of rubber chickens. Or, if covers aren’t exactly your thing, The Critters have a little ASMR for you. This video features rolling a ball over some rainbow-colored popping bubbles. The sound of the pops is oddly very soothing and makes me want to join the fun.

The Critters’ TikTok channel is only a few months old, and with hits like these, we can’t wait to see what else they do.

Featured Image: The Critters

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