Reebok’s New JURASSIC PARK Sneakers Are Dino-Mite

There are times when you need your shoes to come through for you. Like when you’re covertly stealing dinosaur embryos with a can of shaving cream. One moment you’re eating pie, the next you’re in the mud standing face to face with a prehistoric creature. That’s when you really need good traction to get away. But if you also want to flee with some panache, you might want to get a pair of Reebok’s new Jurassic Park sneakers designed to look like the movie’s iconic trucks.

A pair of Jurassic Park Reebok sneakers designed to look like the park's truck, with yellow, red striped, and green


The new Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury shoes are welcoming sneakerheads and fans of the franchise back to the park. They feature an aesthetic that is instantly recognizable to moviegoers. These sneakers have yellow soles with a scaly texture. A red dino-stripe pattern also runs through the green upper half of the shoes. The pumps also have the park’s official logo, a T. rex skeleton. And there are tabs on both the tongue and heel that read “Reebok Classic” and “Jurassic Park.”

The sneaker’s bottom also has a wonderful little extra detail. These shoes are based on the famous Ford Explorer tour vehicles used at the park in the original film. (And then seen again in the first Jurassic World movie.) If you flip these over like two kids are inside, you’ll find an exposed undercarriage. It’s like a giant dinosaur ripped them apart.

The bottom of a sneaker, featuring yellow and black with the image of a car's undercarriage in the middle


According to Born in Space, the Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury sneakers go on sale June 1. They’ll run for $180, which strangely seems like a low price tag. These are going to sell out and become a hot commodity on the secondary market. And they’ll go for a lot more than $180 out there.

Because as we all know, when it comes to Jurassic Park, fans will spare no expense.

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