RSVLTS’ ONE PIECE Collection Lets You Join the Straw Hat Pirates

It’s our dream, and the dream of many a One Piece fan, to join the Straw Hat Pirates. For 25 years, Luffy and his merry band of misfits have been sailing the Four Blues, taking us on many adventures along the way. But while Luffy probably won’t show up to recruit us to the Thousand Sunny in real life, it doesn’t mean we can’t join in the One Piece fun. RSVLTS invites us to wear our One Piece love on our sleeves (literally) as we search for whatever the One Piece is to us in our realities. Now, we can carry Luffy’s spirit into our daily existence, and we can do so in style. Let’s take a look at RSVLTS’ new One Piece collection of signature shirts.

One Piece RSVLTS collection

RSVLTS’ New One Piece Collection Features Five Designs

A release from RSVLTS shares more about these new One Piece shirts. It reveals, “With this release of incredibly designed button-downs, fans can now hop aboard the Thousand Sunny for a swashbuckling 25th Anniversary ode to the coolest pirates sailing the Four Blues. From Straw Hats to love for Luffy – uh, we mean Lucy – to Den Den Mushi and more, this high seas haul of gear is the ultimate treasure trove for all “One Piece” fanatics.”

The RSVLTS collection features five designs, “Two Years Later,” “Lil Straw Hats,” “Puru-Puru-Puru,” “Shh! I Am Lucy,” and “We Go!” You can check them out below.

Our favorite of the One Piece RSVLTS shirts has to be “Lil Straw Hats.” Who can say no to lil straw hats? And, Luffy’s hat, after all, is one of his proudest possessions. We also love RSVLTS’ description of the shirt which shares, “Inspired by the East Blue, this KUNUFLEX™ button down featuring Luffy’s signature shade maker amongst a sea of his Jolly Roger proves that even little things – and characters – can be absolutely epic.” Our hearts!

One Piece - Lil Straw Hats - Women 002

More About RSVLTS’ One Piece Shirts

RSVLTS’ One Piece collection is available in classic (unisex) and women’s styles/sizes. Each shirt/style retails for $70 and is available at and on the RSVLTS app. The shirts, of course, come in RSVLTS’ signature KUNUFLEX™ material. From experience, we can tell you this material feels incredible nice. We bet even Sanji would approve.

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