Wednesday Addams Is a Mini Ron Swanson in Hilarious Deepfake

Now that Netflix is bringing The Addams Family back—and it’s All Hallows’ Eve season—there’s no better time to enjoy a clip of everyone’s favorite sinister sister, Wednesday Addams. Although a YouTuber has altered the below excerpt of the monotone, monochrome delight from the ’93 film, Addams Family Values, to make it more stern in the best way possible. By sticking a deepfake version of Ron Swanson’s face directly onto the pint-sized, pigtailed queen of darkness.

Maker of YouTube videos and “spooky memes,” Speaking of AI, created this twisted, yet wonderful Swanson-stein. The YouTuber, who has created numerous other deepfake videos, specializes in synthesizing voices using AI algorithms. Obviously, in this case, he synthesized Swanson’s voice based off of his dialog from Parks and Recreation.

In regards to the video itself, it’s equal parts disturbing and darkly funny. Watching Swanson’s face emote—kind of—on Addams’ head is especially bizarre considering how well the blend works. It’s almost as if Wednesday and Ron could be each other’s spirit animals; ones the characters would hunt, and then cook over a burning pile of IRS forms.

Somebody put a Ron Swanson deepfake face on Wednesday Addams and the mash-up is perfect.

Speaking of AI

While the melding of Swanson and Addams is a real treat for lovers of deadpan comedy, there are still a few edges to be smoothed. For example, while Swanson’s tone is on point, he delivers dialog in a choppy way. Ron-day Addams also only seems to have a singular facial position, although that’s not a big issue considering these personalities.

Wednesday Addams Is a Mini Ron Swanson in Hilarious Deepfake_1


For those now in the mood for more Ron Swanson, other internet denizens have also played with Les Vegetables’ mug. What a makeup artist can do with the mustachioed face, for instance, will blow your mind. Or, because it is right around Halloween, and The Addams Family is coming back, here’s a way to get more Wednesday in your life.

Featured Image: Speaking of AI

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