This Ron Swanson Makeup Transformation Is Better Than All the Bacon and Eggs

There’s been a lot of incredible makeup work done in celebration of characters from television series and films, including this Homer Simpson lip art and these Game of Thrones facial designs. But no makeup tutorial yet, not even this piece honoring Pennywise, has been quite as amazing as YouTuber and makeup artist Kiki G.’s transformation into Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Yes, the video is from 2016, but the release date makes it no less impressive.

It’s no surprise makeup artist Kiki G. totally knocks this Swanson paint job out of the park, seeing as how she’s had a lot of practice turning herself into everybody from Steve Buscemi to Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. Not to mention she’s also an award-winning makeup artist who’s worked on a bunch of television series, so that probably helps, too.

Despite the skill involved, the unnerving factor here is extremely high, especially towards the end of the video, when Kiki mouths Ron Swanson sound bites, including his whole “frozen yogurt is the celery of desserts” classic.

There is one big outstanding question here: would Ron Swanson ever allow himself to undergo a makeup transformation turning him into Kiki G.? No, of course he wouldn’t. He would hate that, and he would break the arms of anybody who tried to touch him with a makeup brush. But for this transformation? He’d probably appreciate the amount of work Kiki poured into it.

What do you think about this insane Ron Swanson makeup transformation? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images:  Kiki G., NBC/Giphy

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