RICK AND MORTY Season 4 Previews Taika Waititi as an Evil Alien Intern

Rubber baby buggy bumpers! Rick and Morty portaled to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and as part of the show’s panel they released the first clip from the upcoming fourth season. While Adult Swim recently shared two images from the upcoming season, this is the first original footage from the show since the season three finale aired on October 1 in 2017. (That almost makes it sound like we haven’t been waiting for-freaking-ever for new episodes.)

Not that we’re surprised, but it looks like all that time between seasons was worth it, because things look to be just as bats*** crazy as ever, even when Rick is not around. Titled “Ominous Beeping Noise,” the clip shows that at some point, somehow, Morty and Jerry will end up trying (and apparently failing) to launch a new phone app with a tracksuit-wearing alien named Glootie, voiced by Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: God of Love and Thunder director, Taika Waititi!

First, we already love Glootie and his shifty behavior. Two, anytime Jerry tries to do anything positive, it’s comedy gold. Having him work with his angry son and an untrustworthy alien who doesn’t respect either of them is everything we want and neeeeeed from the show.

Of course, imagine showing this clip to someone who knows nothing about Rick and Morty, and then trying to explain to them that everything about this scene makes perfect sense, even though we have almost no context for it. Then make that person watch all of Rick and Morty before the fourth season debuts this November.

Who knows how long it will be before we get another clip, or even a trailer. Rick and Morty always make us wait for everything. But at least it gives us more time to re-watch old episodes. And also this clip.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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