RICK AND MORTY Season 4 Is Returning in November 2019

The most frustrating thing about being a fan of Rick and Morty, besides being lumped in with idiots who jump on counters because of a fast food dipping sauce, is how long we have to wait for new episodes of the show. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland always take as much time as they need to make sure the series is the best version it can be. But now we know when our long infinite-dimensional nightmare will come to an end, because the show’s fourth season will debut this November.

Rick and Morty themselves announced the return of the show in a new message, which doesn’t offer any other clues or insights into the season beyond when it will debut. But it’s still funny.

This will end up being an even longer hiatus than the two years the show took between seasons two and three. The season three finale premiered on October 1, 2017, so a November debut for season four guarantees a 25-month hiatus, beating the 24-month gap we experienced last time.

What’s weird though is that it doesn’t feel that long this time. Game of Thrones needed less than two years to get its final season to air, and that felt like an eternity. Rick and Morty has beaten us down with long waits for so long that we’re used to it.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the last time we ever go this long without new episodes, after the show signed a massive 70-episode extension in 2018. With a guarantee it’s not going anywhere any time soon, we could even start seeing episodes pop up between seasons.

Whatever the future holds isn’t as important as what we’re getting in November, when the worst part about loving Rick and Morty won’t matter. Oooooh weeeee, indeed.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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