Dan Harmon Shares a Bunch of Absurd RICK AND MORTY Season 5 Ideas

We’re officially counting down the days until season four of Rick and Morty. Adult Swim recently announced the series will return in November 2019 after a very frustrating 25 months. It seems we won’t have to hold out that long for season five, as it looks like they are already working on the batch of episodes to follow. And if this photo from Dan Harmon with a bunch of “ideas” for the fifth year is real, Rick and Morty isn’t going to get any less silly the older it gets.

Harmon shared two Post-It-filled pictures of the offices of Rick and Morty, featuring what he says are all of the ideas writer Rob Schrab came up with in a single day. They range from stupid to laugh-out-loud hilarious to genuinely brilliant to so vague they are almost useless. Basically everything we love about the show.

Assuming these are real (how would we know the difference on a show where literally anything can happen because no idea is too dumb?), it doesn’t mean we will ever see them on the show, though Harmon did say he wants to do one of the ideas from this bunch.

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Okay there is one in here that I want to write

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Here are all the ideas Harmon clearly showed:

-Jerry gets a Pine Cone in His Butt
-The People’s (Basketball) Court
-Morty Buys a Boat
-Jerry Makes a Log Cabin w/Hair
-Artificial Person With a Real Leg
-Planet Powered By Chips + Salsa
-Anal Beads
-Detachable Fingers (or Toes)
-Woman Made of Fish
-Planet of No Stop Signs
-Trenchcoat Made of Dreams
-Voltron But With Vegatables [sic]
-Library of Food
-Invisible Pigs
-Blood Shed
-Maximum Overdrive But With Grass
-Rick Discovers the 11th Commandment
-Thing But With Women

Here are some we could make out from his initial photo (and some we could only kind of make out):

-Rick’s Day Care
-Wesley Sniper
-Sperm Blob
-Jerry Gets Into Twitter Feud + ….?
-Planet of Hodags [indecipherable]
-Wicker-Man SROF (Submarine Ring of Fire?)
-Opposite of Weird Science
-Furniture[?] Zoo
-Jerry is Bit By a Mbbit [?]
-King of Smiles

Give. Them. All. To. Us.

Of course, these are season five ideas. Even though we still have a few more months to wait before season four, we are now already waiting on the fifth year. Which is still very, very far away. Damnit, Rick!

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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