RICK AND MORTY Shill Justin Roiland’s New Game

Rick Sanchez is not above selling out. He has shilled for hamburgers, deodorant, and a sci-fi horror franchise. The smartest man in the infinite multiverse can still be bought for the right price by any company. Normally Morty is far more discerning about which products he’ll endorse, or at least he was until now. In a very meta, very funny commercial, Rick and Morty try to sell you on the new game from the show’s co-creator, Justin Roiland.

Trover Saves the Universe, a “bizarre comedy adventure” now out on PlayStation 4 and PC, comes from Justin Roiland, who voices both Rick and Morty. In this ad oozing with synergy and cynicism, Morty tries to convince an indignant Rick to check out a game where the characters sound an awful lot like them (not to mention act as crazy as them too).

(Warning: NSFW, unless lots of swearing is acceptable at your workplace.)

Obviously (like, obviously obviously), Justin Roiland really did get permission from both his co-creator Dan Harmon and Adult Swim to use Rick and Morty for his own personal commercial, and Morty saying he didn’t was merely a funny way to end this ad. But, like, what if he didn’t? Would that make this already funny commercial the best viral marketing campaign ever? Would he actually get in trouble for doing it? Or would everyone agree this was a brilliant way to serve his own purpose while also promoting the return of Rick and Morty this November?

Real or not, it all worked, since it got us to talk about Rick and Morty and also watch this bonkers trailer for Trover Saves the Universe.

If you’re going to sell out there’s no better person to do it for than the person who is literally you. The both of you.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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