RICK AND MORTY Musical Experience Added to the Adult Swim Festival

Rick Sanchez might not play well with others, but this fall the smartest man in the infinite universes will need a pretty big portal to get to the inaugural Adult Swim Festival, because Rick and Morty will be bringing along some guests to perform music from the show, including a live, 37-piece orchestra. Adult Swim has announced the final lineup for its first ever festival, that will be held at the ROW DTLA in Los Angeles from October 5-7. It will “showcase more than 24 hours of live entertainment, featuring 42 musical and comedy performers over three days,” and that will include the “Rick and Morty Musical Ricksperience.” Show composer Ryan Elder will be on hand with “some very special guests” to bring some of your “favorite Rick and Morty songs to life in melodic harmony in sync with an episode.”

Were not sure who some of the special guests will be (we wouldn’t be stunned to see show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland on hand), but since Run the Jewels will be a part of the festival, we’re going to bet they’ll perform this song of theirs that has a pretty big Rick and Morty connection.

They are far from the only big name act who will perform though, as T-Pain, Hannibal Buress, Mastodon, Neko Case, Thundercat, are just a few of the other artists who will be there.

Those in attendance will also have a chance to go through some Adult Swim exhibits based on some of their hit shows.

“Fans will get a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in an Adult Swim experience like no other happening on and around two massive stages. They can take a trip on the DREAM CORP LLC Virtual Reality Eggs, play a round of Rick and Morty Mini Golf; ride a giant Hot Dog Ride; soak in six minutes of air-conditioning in the immersive Meatwad Dome 4D Experience and climb everyone favorite feline on Smack Up My Uvula. Fans far and wide will also enjoy live broadcasts by Adult Swim’s FishCenter & Friends, featuring the best of the streams.”

The whole festival sounds pretty squanchy, but honestly we’d be fine if the entire weekend was just one old guy with a microphone, his grandson with a tambourine, and one sweet beat.

But with all the extra stuff we like what the whole weekend has to offer.

You can order your passes to Adult Swim Festival through this website. And yes, you need a ticket. No using a portal gun.

What song from the show would you most want to hear performed with a 37-piece live orchestra? Tell us in our comments section below.

Images: Adult Swim

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