‘Realistic’ LEGO Minifigure Is All Kinds of Creepy

LEGO minifigures, regardless of whether they are “classic” or represent an IP, are always smooth and nonthreatening. Not quite featureless like a Hello Kitty face, but nevertheless looking like a small child’s drawings in terms of lack of detail. And that is just how we like them. Their simple expressions, yellow hues, and basic features are comforting. Until now, that is.

You know what isn’t comforting? This custom-made LEGO minifigure from YouTuber North of the Border. The self-described creator of “tiny nerdy things” decided to sculpt his own clay version, with detailed texture on its face, and realistic-looking clothes. And there are impressive wrinkles on both. The final result is more than a little disturbing. You can see his creepy nightmare fuel of a LEGO minifigure above, thanks to the folks at Geeks Are Sexy.

We’re not sure why exactly it is that this textured, realistic LEGO man is so creepy. But it really is. We think it’s that it reminds us of some classic movie aliens more than any human being. He kind of looks like the alien abductors in the movie Fire in the Sky. Or even the cuddly little alien from Mac and Me. North of the Border has created a few impressive clay figures in the past, including one which mashes up the Hulkbuster armor with BB-8, and Hulk and Yoda.

North of the Border's realistic LEGO Minifigure up close.
North of the Border

This is not the first time someone has attempted a “realistic” LEGO man. Back in 2016, Adam Savage’s Tested made a full cosplay version. Which itself was also disturbing as heck. But as North of the Border said on his channel, his minifigure has nipples and toes. We think that adds an extra ick factor to it all. You can see how that one looked in this video. And for more North of the Border creations, be sure to head on over to their YouTube channel.

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