Amazing Fan-Made Sculpt Brings BB-8 and Iron Man Together

Despite an ongoing relationship going back to 1977, there’s never been a proper Marvel/Star Wars crossover. It seems even odder now that Disney owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm. Well, as usual, you’ve got to leave it to the fans to create what Hollywood will not. And now, thanks to Technabob, we’ve discovered the coolest combination of Marvel and Star Wars characters yet.

Say hello to the Sithbuster. YouTuber North of the Border sculpted this 1:12 scale mashup of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor and BB-8. The end result looks adorably lethal, wouldn’t you say? Thanos and the First Order had better watch their backs. You can check out the painstaking process it took to create it in the video below:

This 7-inch model is even more impressive when you realize they sculpted every last bit of it from clay. No model or toy parts were used. Despite both being readily available. And as any fan of the MCU knows, the Hulkbuster armor contains many small details. Which are not easy to recreate. Since the body is basically the Hulkbuster armor, the only real BB-8 portion of the model is the head. So they painted the entire sculpt in BB-8’s orange and white color pattern. Just so the BB-8 portion pops a little bit more. If BB-8 ever tires of the Resistance, we’re sure there’s a place for him at Avengers Compound.

A clay sculpt mashup of BB8 and Iron Man's Hulkbuster aromir.
North of the Border

North of the Border has a lot of other cool “tiny and nerdy things” on his channel. There’s a somewhat similar R2-D2 with robotic arms and legs. There’s a little Pikachu that’s also Venom, as well as a Minecraft Biome created using real dirt and rocks. There are several Super Mario-themed sculpts, and more than a few Lord of the Rings ones. Even King Shark from The Suicide Squad got some love. To check out more amazing clay sculptures just like these on the North of the Border YouTube channel.

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