This Yoda and Hulk Mashup Figure Is Horrifying and Perfect

Here at Nerdist, we really enjoy a mashup. There are so many ways to pull off an excellent mashup. Sometimes, it’s a goofy video combining two of our favorite shows. Other times it’s some really sublime fan art. While we just stumbled across these stunning Moon Knight Mandalorian helmets, it’s not the only sweet Star Wars/Marvel crossover currently enchanting us. Although, the latest is a little more, ahem, unique but also somehow cute. A video from YouTube channel North of the Border combines two iconic green characters from Star Wars and Marvel—Hulk and Yoda—to make the ultimate wizened fighter. And he calls it Master Yolk(ed).

Master Yolk(ed) is both horrifying and perfect. While Adam, the creator behind North of the Border, intended to make his creation about six inches, slightly smaller than his BB-8 Buster, the giant Hulked out Yoda stands at a whopping nine inches. (So not life-size by any means but a solid build nonetheless.)

The whole process of getting this beautiful monstrosity from concept to fully-formed creation is pretty painstaking. Adam walks viewers through it all in the nearly 15-minute video. He started with a steel wire frame, complete with foil reinforcement before packing on the clay. Given how beastly his Yoda-Hulk is, Adam uses a whole lot of clay to get the basic structure before starting to carve out Master Yolk(ed)’s actual physical form. The figure mostly takes the body from Hulk, balancing things out with a Yoda head, hands, and feet.

North of the Border's Master Yolk(ed), a mashup figure of Hulk and Yoda
North of the Border

From there, he uses an airbrush to create both characters’ iconic green hues—using a black-green, various shades of green, and some yellow to hit the right contour. And then, since this is a Hulk-based figure, it’s not complete without tattered pants. I can practically hear Master Yolk(ed) say, “It’s the secret, that is, Cap. Always angry, I am.”

This build is seriously impressive. And it’s only one of the many from North of the Border that has us both perplexed and in awe. Hopefully the creator only adds more to this perfectly weird collection.

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