Mass-Produced Ramen Ice Cream Gives Your Caramel a Hint of Soy and Chicken

The last time we covered the unlikely fusion of ice cream and ramen, it made so much more sense. Sweet noodles made from a water-cake base atop a frozen treat gave the appearance of the savory noodle broth entree, but with the refreshing and sugary flavor of dessert. Japanese 7-11 stores being what they are, though, the ante has been upped. Via SoraNews24, we have been made aware of a new mass-produced ramen flavored ice cream, which is admittedly strange, but hey, so were chocolate-covered salty pretzels once upon a time.

The ice cream itself is a butter-caramel flavor with, as a Google-translated press release has it, “‘soy sauce’ as a hidden taste in ice. By adding soy sauce to rich ice cream, it tastes rich and rich.” The crunchy dried ramen noodles are essentially a mix-in…and they’re chicken flavored. (You know, when people say “everything tastes like chicken,” they don’t actually mean…never mind.)

You might have to do a little digging to find the pre-packaged product at an Asian import store, but you can always just buy caramel ice cream, and try adding soy sauce and dried noodles to see what kind of flavor balance is attainable. It might take a few tries; the combo may sound weird, but salty and sweet can work pretty well. Adding shrimp sounds a little much for an American palate, but maybe someday we’ll be ready for that too.

Or are you ready right now? Let us know what kind of noodle frozen dessert you like the sound of in comments.

Images: Shibuya company

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