We Can Blame Ed Sheeran For This Ketchup Ice Cream Travesty

Up until now, I didn’t feel strongly about  Ed Sheeran one way or another. I like that song “Castle,” and I wasn’t upset like most that he basically  got cast as himself on Game of Thrones, but overall his music isn’t really my cup of tea. But now the man is my mortal enemy. That might not be fair, and it might not be his fault, but I have to direct my eternal rage at someone for this ketchup ice cream that was created in his honor.

The  Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina ice cream shop in Inishcrone, Ireland wanted a way to welcome the singer back to the country for his tour, but rather than do something normal like give him a free cone or create a Ben & Jerry‘s pun-named flavor for him, they elected to make an ice cream inspired by his obsession with Heinz Ketchup. The misguided parlor reportedly tried multiple times to get the recipe right, unaware that the only right thing to do was to have the very idea for such an abomination erased from their heads, Eternal Sunshine-style.

What? You think I’m being harsh? Well not only is it made with ketchup, they put (prepare your stomach) fresh ketchup on top of it.

Wait, patrons who come in with a ticket stub from one of his concerts get a free ketchup cone? Are we sure that this place doesn’t actually hate Ed Sheeran?

Do you love ketchup enough to try this ice cream? Tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: NowThis/ Ed Sheeran

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