This is the Wrongest Way To Eat A Kit Kat

Some things are pretty general with how you’re supposed to eat them, like an apple–just go for it. Then there are things that are more specific and procedural. With bananas, for example, you have to peel them before you eat them (or you could be a savage and eat the peel). While Reese’s slogan used to be “There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s,” the same cannot be said for the Kit Kat, about which people have strong feelings.

Haley Byrd, a political reporter for The Weekly Standard, posted a photo of a Kit Kat that her boyfriend, ignorant about Kit Kat consumption, had bitten, leaving a jaw-shaped crescent across the middle of all four bars. It’s a photo you’d see in image galleries meant to frustrate you.

Twitter is pretty up in arms about it too. CNN’s Jake Tapper, for instance, insisted that Byrd leave her beau behind.

Others chimed in as well, questioning her boyfriend’s mental fortitude, and even agrees with Tapper:

Kit Kat themselves even chimed in, all but confirming that Byrd’s significant other is doing it wrong:

In case you don’t know somehow, the intended and universally accepted way to eat a Kit Kat is to snap off the individual wafer columns and eat them one at a time. My personal preference is an extension of that: Freeze them first. It gives them a nicer snap when you chomp on ’em, and your fingers don’t get so messy.

Which side are you on, though? Let us know what you think!

Featured image: slgckgc/Flickr

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