Virtual Map Tunes You into Radio Stations All Over the World

This is one of the best things on the internet. Radio Garden puts the radio stations from all over the world at your fingertips. Explore the area where you grew up and find your hometown station or click a single broadcast in the desert of Saudi Arabia, and your ears will be instantly transported there. Hear local music and news from a place that you never expected to tune into thanks to this brilliant website. Talk radio from Mongolia. Oldies from Japan. Pop music from Norway. What will you listen to today?

Radio Garden

Radio Garden

Radio Garden is based in Amsterdam. The website started as a project for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision developed by Studio Puckey & Moniker in 2016. Eventually, the project was expanded into a small company and even an app, and development and improvements continue to this day.

“By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places,” says the Radio Garden website. “From its very beginning, radio signals have crossed borders. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from ‘home’ from thousands of miles away.”

Simply navigate the global map by clicking and dragging the mouse. Each green dot is a radio station currently broadcasting live. You might spend hours clicking every dot you find around the area you grew up or search in international areas for music and culture in places you’ve never visited.

Among the hundreds of stations, you can listen to music and chatting with broadcasts from:

After just a little bit of browsing, we’re delighted to find gems like Sleep Radio for insomniacs in New Zealand and a dance station in India. What will you find?

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