Twins Lose It Listening to Phil Collins for the First Time

Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” is such an iconic song it’s impossible for me to remember the first time I ever heard it. It’s one of those tracks that has always just been a part of my life, like the musical equivalent of oxygen and water. And it’s so good it can be used sincerely or ironically and still be awesome either way. But in case any of us take its majesty for granted, or if there is any doubt just how much it has always slapped and always will, two brothers have reminded us why it’s an all-time classic. They recorded their reactions to listening to it for the first time ever, and their response is perfect.

The twin brothers from the YouTube channel TwinsthenewTrend are back with another delightful first time reaction video. We previously told you about their experiencing hearing Dolly Parton’s beloved “Jolene” for the first time, which is absolutely flawless. (Both the song and their response). Their latest has now sent the internet into another justified tizzy, because it’s pure joy watching them experience the glory that is the delayed, seminal drum kick from “In the Air Tonight.”

“Alexa, show me the perfect response to that moment.”

Twins Lose it Listening to TwinsthenewTrend

Okay, yes, I am going to want/neeeed a t-shirt with the album cover of Phil Collins’ face with “Ain’t never seen nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song” underneath. I will also take that as a sweatshirt.

In fact, if these young men want to run with that idea I am pretty sure they’ll find there’s a market.

“In The Air Tonight” was first released in 1980. In 2020 time, that was 700 years ago. Yet, it’s just as powerful and amazing as ever. Someday these young men will be losing their minds watching young people listen to it for the first time too.

Featured Image: TwinsthenewTrend

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