Precious Moments Figurines Get Incredible Spooky Makeovers

If you ever had a grandma, chances are you are aware of the Precious Moments line of figurines. These little porcelain statues of adorable round-faced children being cute have been Hallmark shop and catalog staples for decades. And they certainly had an influence on the kids who grew up around them. After all, what are Funko Pop! figures if not plastic Precious Moments for nerds?

Pennywise Precious Moments makeover

Marcy Wiegert

But thanks to io9, we’ve discovered an artist who is turning those old thrift store favorites into something a little more sinister. Although adorably sinister, we must say. Artist Marcy Wiegert is taking those old Precious Moments figurines, along with other cutesy porcelain tchotchkes, and giving them a spooky pop culture makeover. And the results are fabulous.

Precious Moments horror movie makeovers

Marcy Wiegert

Marcy is actually a hairstylist by trade. She took up up giving these old figures a spooky make-over as a hobby during quarantine. She turned a cheery little clown into Pennywise from It, took a scene of two cherubic little kids having a pretend wedding and transformed it into Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz. And a wee baby gets transformed into a little red devil.

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Maybe the best of Wiegert’s transformations might just be this old coin bank morphing into Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise. We think this just might be her pièce de résistance. She’s currently working on taking an old dollhouse and turning it into a haunted mansion. We know for a fact that can be super cool.

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Ever since fans began to notice her work on social media, Wiegert started to take commissions. But seeing as she has a day job, it might take some time before she turns orders around. However, she’s at least open to the possibility and it will be worth it. To see more of Marcy’s amazing work, be sure to head on over to her Twitter or Facebook pages.

Featured Image: Marcy Wiegert

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