World Record Holder for Most Funkos Has Over 5,000 Figures

Collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures has become a national obsession. Nay, an international obsession. Since first coming onto the market in 2010, there have been Pop! figures from nearly every aspect of popular culture. Name a movie, show, comic book, or musician that you love, and they probably have their own Pop! figure. Or several. But even if you think you’ve got a lot of Funko Pops in your home, there is one person out there that we know has got you beat.

Thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve learned about one Paul Scardino. This Virginia social worker now holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Pop! figures on the planet, numbering over 5,000. Scardino gave a tour of his record breaking collection via the Guinness World Records YouTube channel, which you can watch in full down below:

Sardino also released this statement:

“I received an email from Guinness World Records in the morning while at home, and I held off reading it until my wife was able to see it. …As I read the email out loud, I felt intense elation and satisfaction, as the months long effort had paid off, and I would officially be a record holder. …I was super excited to hear from Guinness World Records that I was chosen to be in the 2021 Edition.”

World Record Holder for Most Funko Pops Has Over 5,000 Figures_1

Guinness World Records 

Mr. Scardino’s collection runs the gamut of pop culture. There’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC heroes, horror film icons, and characters from dozens upon dozens of TV shows. And, of course, there’s many Star Wars figures. After all, Star Wars and Funko go together like peanut butter and jelly. Several of Scardino’s figures are still MIB. That means “Mint In Box,” for you non collector folks. Most seem to be allowed out however. Which we, as a Funko collectors ourselves, prefer. They’re not meant to be in prison forever! We all saw Toy Story 2. That never ends well for them.

Featured Image: Guinness World Records 

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