These Lifelike POKÉMON Sculptures Contain Hidden Powers

The best creations come with hidden surprises inside. And, we all know, Pokémon are full of surprises. Just look at what was hiding inside Pikachu despite his shocking first impression. Now YouTuber Clay Yoshirin is bringing this element of Pokémon to life in their art. On the surface, they simply make incredibly life-like Pokémon sculptures. But if you look deeper, each of these amazing works of Pokémon art contains something more. And we don’t just mean the power of friendship. Each of these Pokémon sculptures possesses a hidden power.

Pokemon sculptures of Oddish, Dedenne, and Chinchou are planters, phone chargers, and lamps
Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art

But what secrets do these sculptures hold? Well, these artworks actually have a lot of utility. A special attack, so to speak, that matches the kind of Pokémon they are.

Pichu and Dedenne actually hold phone chargers inside of them. They will give your phone the electric jolt it needs to keep going. If trainers needed to charge their phones, it would certainly be handy for electric Pokémon to have the ability to help out. Maybe something for the anime to consider as it continues to evolve.

Here’s a closer look at the process:

Meanwhile, Loudred swoops in to pump up the volume. According to its official description, “Loudred’s ears serve as speakers, and they can put out sound waves powerful enough to blow away a house.” Well, hopefully, this Pokémon sculpture won’t bring the walls down. But it does give Loudred its special attacks. Clay Yoshirin turns this Loudred’s ears into actual speakers.

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Our final fav? A Chinchou who will fight the darkness. Chinchou’s glowing orbs are its most powerful tools. And here, they come to life with the help of two lightbulbs. We all need a Chinchou desk lamp in our lives.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there, with many other Pokémon sculptures reimagined for the real world. You can explore Clay Yoshirin’s Twitter and Instagram for more unexpected delights.

We’ll leave you with an Exeggutor planter vibing in the wind and this happy planted Oddish. Let’s all take these Pokémon’s moods into the week.

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