Incredible Pokémon Keycaps Will Make You a Typing Master

Regular trainers keep their Pokémon in Poké Balls. But why be regular when you can be masterful? A true Pokémon trainer knows the best place for your Pokémon is right at your fingertips. And right at your fingertips is exactly where they’ll live with these incredible Pokémon keyboard keycaps by .

Pokemon keycaps for your keyboard including Charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle

In all honesty, to call these merely keycaps feels like an insult. Because these Pokémon keycaps definitely deserve the moniker of “art.” The artistry in them feels nothing short of Poké-masterful. From the adorable creatures to the jaw-dropping backgrounds, we have nothing but praise for these keys. In the above starter space bar, the waves Squirtle surfs look like they will break at any minute. And Charmander’s fire seems to really burn. A good set of keycaps will make all the difference in your work. And, seriously, these do not disappoint.

Surfing Pikachu Pokemon Keyboard Keycap

Here’s what Hirosart has to say about their work:

We always produce the keycap characters by casting them through shaped molds. We do not have them easily printed in 3D and just like that, the keycap details come straight out of a machine. Everything is done by the hands of our artisans, preparing the molds, pouring resin, and coloring the details… This will obviously add some more inspiration to your work corner and keep you more creative to do what you love and love what you do.

Ultimately, this painting step is hands down one of the hardest things we faced during the production of Hirosart. Pokémon molds in the collection are very small, so it’s very challenging to paint the Pokémon and keep them spirited as much as possible. We had to apply 3 – 5 layers of paint for each keycap so the colors can have a certain thickness and be clearer to our eyes.

It is incredible to imagine each one of these tiny creations being painted by hand. But as Hirosart suggests, that attention to detail is what makes them feel exceptional. Just looking at the pieces, you can tell these Pokémon keyboard keycaps were made with care.

The best part? Hirosart shares the creators are open to requests. So if you don’t see your favorite Pokémon, just ask.

Here are some of our other favorite designs:

Lapras Pokemon Keyboard Keycap
Snorlax Pokemon Keyboard Keycap
Milotic Pokemon Keyboard Keycap

The Pokémon keyboard keycaps ultimately run around $50 per key. Spacebars cost somewhere from $150-$180. The shop also sells other varieties of keycaps for your enjoyment. We need 151, stat.

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