POKÉMON RUMBLE Is Becoming a Mobile Game

The Pokémon Rumble series has provided a stage for some merry Poké-pummeling since 2009, with four entries (including Pokémon Rumble Blast, Pokémon Rumble U, and Pokémon Rumble World) gracing platforms like WiiWare, WiiU, and Nintendo 3DS since the franchise’s inception. Now, the series makes its way to the mobile realm with Pokémon Rumble Rush, which we’ve learned about by way of  Polygon.

As is the case with its fellow Pokémon Rumble games, the cornerstone of Pokémon Rumble Rush will be real-time battles into which a player sends its Pokémon, be it with a flailing-willy-nilly fighting style or a more measured, strategic approach. As your journeys through this war-torn Poké-country carry forth, your Pokémon will learn new moves to try out against its fellow fighters. And as is part of the fun with every game under the larger Pokémon umbrella, Pokémon Rumble Rush also offers the chance to seek out strange, rare, and legendary-grade creatures.


Unfortunately, Pokémon Rumble Rush will not, at least upon release, offer a multiplayer option. That said, the game’s players will interact with a universal world map, which will expand as users discover new corners. In fact, players that pioneer journeys to new islands in the Pokémon Rumble Rush world get to name them. So, in reliable internet fashion, expect some islands to be named for l33tspeak and dirty words.

Pokémon Rumble Rush will be available on both iOS and Android, though, at present, there’s no word on when the game will debut internationally. That said, it shouldn’t take very long, as Pokémon Rumble Rush has already launched in Australia. So if you really can’t stand the suspense, you can always book a flight.

Keep your ears to the ground for more info about Pokémon Rumble Rush! In the meantime, we’re still fighting the urge to re-download Pokémon GO!

Image: The Pokémon Company

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