Now that we live in a post-Detective Pikachu world, there is no limit to the outrageous Pokémon-themed films that we could see. In a recent interview with Screenrant, the writer of the surreal animated/live-action mashup said he wanted to see A Star is Born-style spin-off focused on Jigglypuff, which got us thinking about some of the unexpected Poké-movies that we would love to see come out of the success of the noir-hued Pikachu flick.

Detective Yoshida and Snubbull

Ken Watanabe’s Detective Yoshida and his poke-partner Snubbull were the first characters to come to mind when we started to think about a spin-off. The team would be perfect for an unexpected buddy-cop movie focused on the pair trying to shut down Ryme City’s illegal Poké-fighting rings, or perhaps trying to save rare Pokémon from a smuggling circuit.


With their wicked water powers, it seems like Squirtle would do a very good job as a super-cool action hero. After Ryme City’s police station is held up by a disgruntled Charmander, Squirtle is called in to help cool the situation. He’s half chilled-out hostage negotiator and half badass John McClane-style action hero. Squirtle would be our No. 1 pick for Ryme City’s first blockbuster action star.

Mr. Mime

After seeing that Mr. Mime is performing at one of the Ryme City theaters, we think that he could be the star of a Birdman-style indie flick about his fame, fortune, and eventual downfall. The spooky Pokémon would be the perfect centerpiece for a hallucinogenic look at the impact of being one of the most well-known stars in the world. As it’s about Mr. Mime it would, of course, be a silent film. And, depending on the director, maybe it would be black and white?


There’s only one way for a Psyduck-centric movie to go. It’s a dark psychological thriller that sees the powerful Pokémon tracking down a serial killer targeting the most popular Pokémon trainers. With the massive mental strength of their psychic skills, Psyduck would be the only one who can hunt down the nefarious villain before there are no trainers left. Think Se7en but with more cute critters.

Octillery and Charmander

There aren’t enough slice-of-life movies in the world, so with the introduction of Pokémon as keen chefs with their own burgeoning businesses, this sweet slice would center on Octillery and Charmander as they embark on a televised cooking competition. With non-stop knife-slicing action, a focus on delicious food, and the importance of friendship against all odds, this is the feel-good movie that we all need heading into the second half of 2019.


Though he’s a cute chonky boy we think that Bulbasaur could do brilliantly in a Swamp Thing-style horror-romance as a teal-hued healer, living in the marshes of Ryme City and protecting the wild Pokémon from evil developers. Of course, the romance here would be more of a friend-mance between the good swampy boy and their unexpected young trainer who stumbles across them one day whilst trying to sabotage the toxic machinery of the nefarious corporations developing the marsh.


For the most powerful of Pokémon, there is only one route that we can see this flick taking. An Alejandro Jodorowsky-inspired trip through the history of Mewtwo and their mission to save the world from destroying themselves. It’s The Holy Mountain meets Captain Planet as Mewtwo journeys through time and space to convince humans that they will be the death of the planet if they don’t follow the teachings of Mewtwo and their fellow Pokémon.


With Ditto’s vital role in Detective Pikachu, it only makes sense that they have a spin-off that befits their unique talents, which in this case means an Ingmar Bergman-esque tale about conflicted identity, confusion, and probably sadness. After Ditto takes on the shape of a friendly Jigglypuff during a weekend trip to the country the pair begin to question just who is the real singing Pokémon, and whether the pair would be happier not knowing at all. It’s a deep look at the crux of who we are, and it would probably be called Persona-mon.

Images: The Pokemon Company, Nintendo

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