Will Mr. Mime Turn Evil in DETECTIVE PIKACHU 2?

Detective Pikachu might not have dethroned Avengers: Endgame from the top box office spot, but it was a big hit on its own accord, raking in over $58 million in its opening weekend. That made it the highest-grossing movie based on a video game ever, and also almost guaranteed a sequel. Turns out, there is one already in the works, and we have a theory about who will be the villain!

We thought Detective Pikachu was a super effective movie from top to bottom, which has us greatly anticipating its next iteration. But what will it be about? Nerdist’s Dan Casey went to Toyko to talk to some of the cast and creators of the film, and was able to mime… ahem, mine… some facts for this Nerdist News Edition.

That’s right, we think Mr. Mime—a character with a history of living on both sides of the law—could be the big bad in Detective Pikachu 2. In the first film, if you recall, he was left by our heroes in a mime prison of his own making. Dan made sure to ask the cast what they thought of Mr. Mime’s potential breakthrough in the sequel.

“I think there’s a lot of ways it could go,” said Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds. “We’ve explored Tim’s backstory and interior life, I think there’s a way to explore Harry’s. I don’t know, we’ll see.”

“I feel like Mr. Mime will become a professional performer,” said Justice Smith, who plays Tim Goodman in the film.

“Wouldn’t that be cool if he had a show in downtown Ryme City?” said co-star Kathryn Newton, who plays aspiring journalist Lucy Stevens.

Director Rob Letterman had another idea. “Maybe he could turn into the Joker somehow.” That’s the kind of rogue bad guy we’d like to see!

We don’t know what Detective Pikachu 2 might have in store, but Nerdist will be on the scene to keep you posted with updates as they come in!

Images: Legendary Pictures

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