Bill Nighy Loves POKEMON and We Love Him

2019 has been an exceedingly tough year but there have been some bright spots. In a recent interview with The Guardian Bill Nighy brightened up our lives when he revealed that he has become a passionate Pokémon fan after starring in Detective Pikachu.

In the awesome interview, Nighy reveals that he wasn’t originally a fan of the sprawling franchise, but after doing what he called a “a crash course in Pokémon lore” he “bought every book available, including the deeply impressive Pokédex…” He also shared that there was something about the act of catching them all that appealed to him. “I love the collecting. When I get around to it, I’m going to download the [Pokémon Go] app and go to Strasbourg. Someone told me they went Pokémon hunting in Strasbourg, which made an impression on me.”

According to The Guardian, Nighy is now a hardcore fan. Like so many of us, he’s dedicated to bringing his passions home, decorating his house in pocket monsters.

“He has even brought hefty Pokémon pieces home to decorate his house. His character had a palatial office with ‘ancient Pokémon wall hangings, punched out in ancient stone, or at least given the appearance of that,’ he says. ‘I now own them. They are absolutely enormous. They weigh a tonne. They’re in my cellar at the moment because I have to find a wall strong enough to hold them.'”

As if all of this wasn’t enough to make us lifelong leaders of the Bill Nighy Fan Club, the British thespian even has his own favorite Pokemon, and as he is a man of taste it’s, of course, a classic. “The ancient Mew was probably my top, top favorite because he’s just majestic and he was the very first … He was elegant and powerful.”

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Images: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

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