Craft Your Own Pokémon Pompoms with This DIY Book

If you’re one of the last remaining few wandering the streets in search of elusive Pokémon, now you can finally stay home and make a pocket monster of your very own. Blending the art of creating adorable Japanese crafts with the thrill of Pokémon is a no brainer, and the new book, Pompom Pokémon will help you craft ‘em all.

The new officially licensed craft book features dozens of patterns to create fluffy pompoms of your favorite Pokémon characters.

Pikachu and a puffy Pokéball are a must, of course, but there are also patterns for other fan favorites, from Charmander to Snorlax. Who hasn’t dreamed of catching their own Eevee and keeping it in their pocket? Now you can easily craft your own, no battling necessary.

As any good trainer knows, there are so many more Pokémon out there so you’ll also find tutorials for Emolga, Greninja, and more—32 Poképals in all!

Written by handicraft artist Sachiko Susa, the book has full color photographs and step-by-step directions to guide you along the way. You’ll also get instructions for a DIY pompom maker which is a big help, plus a guide to different types of yarn.

Now why there aren’t any cuddly pompom versions of Jesse and James? Well, who’s to say! But Team Rocket will be well represented if you do choose to use a pattern to make your own snuggly Meowth.

Gotta craft ’em all!

Pompom Pokémon will be out in the wild and available on September 11.

Which Pokémon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter!

Images: Viz Media

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