POKÉMON Giving Away a Real Model of Its Million Dollar Bike

Pokémon fans know the insatiable lure of the game’s million dollar bicycle sold in Cerulean City. You can save and save all you want. But with a price tag of $999,999, one Poké dollar more than you can actually accumulate, there’s no way to buy it. The best you could ever hope for was to get a Bike Voucher. Or at least it was. Now the best you can hope for is to be the lucky winner who gets to take home a real life-sized model of that hard-to-get item.

A green model bike with black and yellow trimThe Pokémon Company

Forget a virtual riding machine. The Pokémon Company will give one fan an actual bike based on the one seen in Pokémon Red and Blue. The contest is Pokémon‘s way of celebrating hitting a million followers on Twitter earlier this year. The green bike features black and yellow trim and has its own stand. It also includes both PokéBall handles and a wheel tread. The inner lining of the wheel comes with outlines of Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Snorlax, and Eevee. And it even plays the Pokémon Blue/Red bicycle theme jingle.

The campaign (which we first heard about at DesignTAXI) runs until August 3. It’s open to residents of Japan. To enter all you have to do is follows the Poké Times Twitter account and tweet Pokémon’s Million-Yen Bicycle hashtag.

You won’t see that very lucky person out riding the bike around, though. The full-sized bike does not actually work. (What a shame. That would be the coolest way ever to play Pokémon Go.) It’s just a very cool model that will make every other fan of the franchise jealous. And in that way it still maintains the spirit of the virtual version you can never actually buy.

This real one is still just a bicycle you’re supposed to admire without ever being able to use.

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