Pokémon Jewelry Collection Makes Pocket Monsters Cuter

You already know what to expect when you hear that RockLove Jewelry has a new collection: stunning, high-quality jewelry pieces with the littlest details that both casual and the most diehard fans of a franchise will love. CEO and designer Allison Cimino has done it again with the latest RockLove Jewelry collaboration, an exclusive Pokémon collection available only at the Pokémon Center! And, yes, you need to catch them all before they sell out.

RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry/Pokémon

Pokémon fans will be over the moon with the exclusive set—especially for those whom Eevee’s evolutions result in some of their favorite Pokémon. Sterling silver pendants of Espeon and Umbreon not only look gorgeous on their own, they also fit together as a perfect pair when placed on the same chain. There’s also an adorable Mimikyu pendant with a chaotic energy fans of that Pokémon will find irresistible.

RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry/Pokémon

Ghostly Gengar is offered as a delightful purple pendant with matching earrings offered separately, each cast in sterling silver and hand-enameled. And finally, a Master Ball locket rounds out the collection, and features a secure snap to keep your nestled photo (and possibly a Pokémon) safe.

Pieces in the colorful collection range in price from $64.99 to $99.99 and are now available for purchase.

“Known in the industry for creating some of the hippest collaborations with street and scene artists and brands, our growing partnership with Pokémon is an incredible honor,” Cimino wrote on her website. These are just the first six pieces in the collection, she teased, so keep an eye on the Pokémon Center in the near future for more charming pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Featured Image: RockLove Jewelry/Pokémon

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