POKÉMON GO Drone Show Lights Up Singapore

There’s nothing better than meeting up with thousands of people who love the same things as you do and celebrating your fandom together. Pokémon enthusiasts in Singapore recently got to do just. A light show made up of hundreds of drones lit up the night sky with Pikachu, Corsola, and others. The video below starts off with a Poké Ball and covers a bunch of cute Pikachu images. It all takes place high above the already stunning downtown Singapore.

Unlike a firework show, drone light shows don’t come with booms. This one doesn’t seem to have any music so the only noise is that coming from the appreciate crowd. The gasps and cheers are taking place atop the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. Also known as the super swanky rooftop bar seen at the end of Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a breathtaking view even on a bad day. It’s definitely the perfect spot to overlook the drone show twinkling above the beautiful Marina Bay and city lights.  

A Pokeball drone light show over Singapore
Singapore 4K

The show was made up of a reported 500 drones and was part of a Pikachu Week celebration in Singapore. It also marked the sixth anniversary of the popular game Pokémon GO. It’s not the first Pokémon drone light show we’ve seen. The emerging tech also led to a Pikachu versus Charizard battle over Dallas earlier this year.  

A dancing Pikachu drone light show over Singapore
Singapore 4K

Beloved Pokémon characters aren’t the only ones getting the drone light show treatment. A baseball game in Oakland, California hosted a Star Wars one featuring R2-D2, dueling lightsabers, and more, all set to music from the franchise. Paramount put a show on in Sydney, Australia featuring images from Star Trek, Top Gun, Paw Patrol, and more. We’ve even heard about personal shows people put on, like this Halloween one featuring Ghostbusters and Stranger Things

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