STAR TREK, TOP GUN, and More Shine in Epic Paramount+ Drone Show

We have witnessed some pretty amazing drone shows in the recent past. The Star Wars one last year at The Oakland RingCentral Coliseum immediately springs to mind. But recently, down in Sydney, Australia, Paramount+ had a nighttime drone show that put the Galactic Empire to shame. And it featured iconic properties from across their vast library, including Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, Halo, and many more. We think you’ll be blown away by what you see.

You can watch the entire Paramount+ drone show from Sydney right here:

The show starts with the music and ticking clock of the Mission: Impossible franchise (Yes, we choose to accept this mission.) It then immediately segues into the famous “space….the final frontier” speech from Star Trek. We see the classic starship Enterprise, just as it hits warp speed. This is the original NCC-1701 model, currently traversing the galaxy in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Starship Enterprise drone from the Sydney Austrial Paramount+ drone show.

This moment is even more powerful thanks to the Star Trek 2009 score by the one and only Michael Giacchino. You can see different angles of the Enterprise drones in the video down below, taken by various different sources who attended the show. It serves to remind you how much Star Trek really is Paramount’s true crown jewel. Even after 55 years.

A lot of other iconic Paramount properties get their moment to shine (quite literally) in this show. Halo’s Master Chief shows up, and SpongeBob and Paw Patrol make an appearance, as do the kids from South Park. Another major property currently having a pop culture moment again after 35 years is Top Gun, and Maverick can be seen and heard in this show as well. Even NCIS gets a shout-out. It’s just the logo for the show, but hey, it’s something! Maybe next time, we see some Transformers action. Has anyone seen Optimus Prime lately?

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