Pikachu Battles Charizard in Giant POKÉMON Drone Light Show

Pokémon GO took took those fictional fighting creatures from playing cards and TV screens to the virtual world. However, no matter how much fun you had chasing them around town, they weren’t really there. They still only existed on a screen. Recently though, two of the most famous Pokémon actually did appear in the real world. Thanks to a massive drone light show in Dallas that featured Pikachu battling with Charizard.

Sky Elements Drone Shows partnered with Pokémon Master Leonhart for a massive performance. They used 250 custom-built drones to bring two beloved characters to life above the Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. With an homage that even paid tribute to the act of opening up a pack.

The show began with Pokémon packs turning into two cards, which then transformed into Pikachu and Charizard. After powering up the two iconic characters went to battle with the night sky as their arena. With a fight that measured a whopping 600 feet wide and 300 feet high.

Thanks to the drone’s super bright LED lights the show was visible from several miles away. It was also able to overcome some less than ideal weather. Winds gusts measured 20 miles-per-hour during the show. But Sky Elements says that wasn’t a problem because every single drone has a GPS accuracy of less than ten centimeters.

Pikachu fights Charizard during a giant drone Pokemon light show in Dallas
Sky Elements Drone Shows

If you knew this four-minute show was happening it must have been amazing sight to see. If you had no idea it was happening, though, it must have been slightly disorienting at first. Sure, you might be used to seeing Pokémon on screens and tabletops. But that doesn’t mean you expect to see them fighting in the sky.

And if you had no idea who or what Pikachu and Charizard are don’t worry. We promise the 300-foot dragon and electric yellow squirrel aren’t real. At least they aren’t every other night.

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