Pedro Pascal Tears Up on HOT ONES and Heaps Love on Grogu

How is Pedro Pascal around spicy food? It’s an excellent question. And Hot Ones is once again on the case to find out. According to Pascal, he was really good around spicy food… “ as a young man with young internal organs!” But now that he’s the rugged internet dad of the year, things are different. Let’s take a look at Pedro Pascal’s turn on Hot Ones.

As Pascal invigorates himself and his organs by trying out progressively spicier chicken wings, he treats us to some delightful banter about his iconic career. Some of the highlights of the episode include, of course, getting his head smashed in on Game of Thrones and sharing the stage with that adorable creature, Grogu. Of the former, Pedro Pascal tells Hot Ones, “I got my head crushed in. It was the best part of the day.” The blood that came with the operation was cool against the heat of the day. And Pascal reports of his scene partner, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a. The Mountain, “So gentle, gentlest guy, I could feel nothing as he basically straddled me.” Pascal even tells Hot Ones that he fell into a deep sleep while filming. We love to hear it.

Pedro Pascal on Hot Ones talking about The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones and More
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When it comes to his role in The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal has nothing but love for Baby Yoda. According to Pedro Pascal, acting with Grogu isn’t far off from what we see on TV. Yes, Grogu behind-the-scenes really is that cute, which makes loving him a breeze. “[I was] getting praise for ‘Oh my gosh, you have such subtle emotion and you’re dealing with a puppet,” Pascal noted of his goodbye to Grogu in The Mandalorian season two. “And I’m like….’ This puppet is making me cry.’” Of course, although cute, Grogu is a little sneaky. Pascal adds, “I’m like chill, you’re stealing it! It’s like the one time I have my helmet off…let me have the scene, bro.” It’s good to know we all feel as one about Grogu.

Among other things, Pedro Pascal’s Hot Ones turn also touches on his love of Prince and his distaste for the lack of good Mexican food in New York City (true). But really, the episode is worth it for his myriad expressions. Pedro Pascal, we appreciate you for taking one for the team.

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