Grogu Spins in a Chair, Steals Treats, Acts Generally Cute in THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 Clip

When you’re as cute as Grogu, you deserve whatever you want. And luckily for Grogu, he’s pretty good at getting it. We’re sure there will be some serious business in The Mandalorian season three. After all, we’re gearing up for a possible war on Mandalore. But honestly, if this first-look clip of The Mandalorian season three was the basis for the whole entire season, we would feel really happy about it. Grogu is spinning around in his chair and stealing little treats. Din Djarin has his fatherly mode activated in full force. It’s everything we could hope to see.

Okay, we guess there is a little something more than just sheer adorableness going on. Din Djarin and Grogu reunite with Greef Karga in this clip from The Mandalorian. And Greef has an interesting proposition for them. But, we doubt that the pair will accept the deal for stability. If they did, we could have a full season of Grogu snacking. But, far more likely, they’ll have to go off for more adventures and drama.

Grogu stealing treats in the first look clip from The Mandalorian season three

Still, we’ll enjoy this pure fun while it lasts. The Mandalorian season three premieres on March 1. It streams on Disney+.

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