Paul Rudd Trash Talks Tom Holland for Charity Fantasy Football Game

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen the Avengers kicking each other’s butts in Captain America: Civil War. But our favorite Marvelous heroes are going to be at odds at least one more time… in a manner of speaking. This is all thanks to the AGBO Fantasy Football League, a charity fantasy football league run by Avengers director Joe Russo and ESPN’s Matthew Berry. This particular fantasy football league has a $100,000 dollar prize on the line, which is going to charity.

And among the players to sign up is Paul Rudd, who recently took to social media to trash talk his opponent, Tom Holland. Are you ready for an ant vs. spider rumble, ya’ll?

Rudd poked fun at the youngest member of the Avengers, mentioning Tom Holland’s recent win at the latest Saturn Awards. And then casually mentioning how he doesn’t know what a Saturn Award even is. Ouch. He also let out a fairly hideous dad joke about the ’90s movie Mr. Holland’s Opus, which Tom Holland is too young to have probably ever heard of. Hopefully, our beloved Mr. Rudd fairs better in the actual game than he does with his sick burns.

The idea for AGBO Fantasy Football League—named for the Russo Brothers’ production company, which is sponsoring the league—came from fantasy football enthusiast Joe Russo and Guillermo Lozano, who runs another celebrity-filled fantasy football league. However, there’s one major stipulation for those looking to participate in league: it’s only for folks who have starred in superhero movies. Or at least appeared in a superhero movie (Avengers: Endgame cameos deemed both Russo and Berry eligible to play).

And by looks of it, only Marvel superhero movies. Among those competing for a charity of their choice are Robert Downey Jr. (Guy Aquino’s Sacred Hearts Treatment Services for Addiction); Chris Evans (Christopher’s Haven); Karen Gillan (Mickey’s Line); Chris Hemsworth (The Australian Childhood Foundation); Tom Holland (The Brothers Trust); Michael B. Jordan (My Brother’s Keeper); Anthony Mackie (STEM NOLA); Elizabeth Olsen (Stewart House); Chris Pratt (Brain Treatment Foundation); Ryan Reynolds (SickKids Foundation); Paul Rudd (Big Slick); and Miles Teller (NAMI). Yup, Miles Teller qualifies as he played Reed Richards in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot… which you’ve likely already forgotten about. But it still counts!

Berry and Russo will be playing for Jimmy V Foundation and The Arthritis Foundation, respectively. In their commentary above, Russo and Berry revealed the league is full of seasoned fantasy veterans—including Evans, Rudd, Pratt, and Downey—as well as some brand new faces, like Olsen and the trio of non-North Americans: Gillan, Hemsworth, and Holland.

Despite our love for Tom Holland, we have to admit, we are team Rudd all the way. Despite all those dad jokes.

Header Image: Marvel Studios

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