Paul Rudd Joins the New GHOSTBUSTERS Movie

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? That probably depends on which universe your neighborhood is in. If Thanos is attacking your planet you definitely want to call the Avengers to save you, but if Slimer is haunting your halls you’ll want to dial up the Ghostbusters. Either way you can depend on Paul Rudd to help save you, because Ant-Man has signed on to help bust some specters.

Rudd announced he is joining the cast of Jason Reitman’s upcoming Ghostbusters film (which will be the second sequel to the original film, not a followup to the 2016 reboot), broadcasting the message in a video outside of the original firehouse that was used as the team’s headquarters. Admitting he almost “slimed” himself when his agent asked him about taking on the role of a “semi-young, strapping man” in the film, Rudd said he’ll be there this fall when filming begins.

After the absurd backlash to the mere existence of the 2016 film, and some (at best) clumsy statements from Jason Reitman when this new film was first announced, I’m like a lot of people in that I am pretty exhausted about Ghostbusters in general these days. But since this thing is going to happen regardless of how excited (and many fans are definitely excited for it) I may be, hopefully it will still be good. And one way to make any movie better is to cast Paul Rudd in it, especially when he is a perfect addition to an action-comedy franchise with a distinct sense of humor that matches up with his own style.

And if he can help beat Thanos, a few ghosts shouldn’t be too much trouble. But since the film doesn’t come out ’til July 10, 2020, maybe he can also help with internet trolls. The virtual neighborhood is a huge pain in the ass when it comes to Ghostbusters.

Images: Ghostbusters

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