160 Musicians Perform a PAPER MARIO Concert

We owe great appreciation to the music of the Super Mario video game franchise. Some compositions spring to mind the moment you hear that plucky little plumber’s name; his bouncy main theme, for one, and the moody number that underscores many a subterranean level in the Mushroom Kingdom. But even the franchise’s less immediately recognizable compositions—say, those from Super Mario RPG or the Paper Mario games—deserve our admiration. (And regular listens.) Taking this matter to heart, a group of musicians has devoted their energy and talent to a cover of the Paper Mario: The Origami King soundtrack. If you’re already a fan of the game’s musical arrangement, you’ll find this production quite a treat.

Paper Mario pal Olivia introduces the video, which we found at  Boing Boing, with great enthusiasm. She explains that “Line Them Up! A Paper Mario: The Origami King Concert” combines the labors of over 160 musicians, arrangers, videographers, and animators. She also does a bit of fairly cute shtick ahead of the concert, which is good for a smile. But the real entertainment picks up when the music begins just shy of the two-minute mark, and extends all the way through the 40-minute video. Take a look and a listen for yourself.

The video runs through different songs from the Paper Mario: The Origami King soundtrack in no particular order. It begins with “Red Streamer Battle” before bobbing over to “Picnic Road” and “Autumn Mountain,” and then carrying forth through dozens of other tracks. What’s cool about this production is that it name-checks every single musician as they perform; the orchestra encompasses many different instruments, and even some enchanting vocals.

Paper Mario marvels at an Origami-style Bowser.


Given the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic, “Line Them Up!” is even more impressive an undertaking. Red hats off to these talented, hard-working musicians; we’re thankful for their love of music, performance, and squashing Goombas.

Featured Image: vgmtogether

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