This Harsh AI Judges You Based on Your Spotify Music Library

Now that many AI programs are capable of identifying various language patterns based on reviewing big data, they’re beginning to sound eerily human. One new example of this frightening trend comes from the digital publication The Pudding, which has released an AI that sounds like a judgmental, music snob. One who will review your Spotify library and harangue you mercilessly based on your taste.

The Pudding recently released the nameless AI bot to the masses. Upon visiting the AI’s homepage, users are greeted with the question, “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” and asked to log into their accounts. Not before the AI notes its creators have trained it on thousands of indicators of “objectively good” music, however.

This sense of objective musical goodness comes from, apparently, studying reviews on sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum. And while it’s hard to say how varied the sources are, it seems like there’s a hipster bent here. Consequently, the AI is shockingly good at making users feel like derivative philistines who couldn’t differentiate between Mozart and a cow fart.

This AI bot judges you, and your taste in music, based on your Spotify library.

The Pudding

It takes a minute or two to run through the program, depending on how quickly a user answers a handful of multiple choice questions pertaining to their taste in music. Luckily, the entire time the AI is taking pot shots in the style of Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Then, at the end, it also provides a qualitative rundown of who a user is as a person. It even rewards them a score based on how “basic” they are.

As for accuracy, the program is exceptional at describing users’ personality characteristics. (We won’t go into details, but the burns are real.) Which not only means AI programs are going to get better at figuring out what makes us feel bad, but also figuring out what makes us feel good. Like Jimi Hendrix and a guitar, it seems increasingly probable that, one day, AIs will play we humans like instruments.

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