Pug’s Daily Bones Check Dictates What Kind of Day It Is

Fictional media scion Kendall Roy recently pitched a New York Times op-ed headline titled “F*** the weather. We’re changing the cultural climate.” Sure, that’s great for him and whatnot—but unfortunately, we have another cultural climate-shifting being in our midst. He’s a 13-year-old pug called Noodle. Some days he has bones. On others, he does not. And learning whether or not Noodle has bones today is a riveting event that’s taken the internet by storm.

Three images of Noodle the pug and his owner seeing if he has bones today. Jonathan Graziano

Jonathan Graziano, Noodle’s owner, frequently takes to TikTok to reveal whether it’s a Bones Day or a No Bones Day. And over the last several weeks, Very Online people have flocked to Graziano’s page to see what kind of day Noodle is having. (We first saw this at Mashable.) You see, it’s so much bigger than Noodle himself. A Bones Day or No Bones Day has ramifications for all of us. While Noodle is showing off his bones–or lack thereof—Graziano issues the call to action for the day.


hope you all have the best Monday! 🔮🦴 #nobones #bonesday #pug #noodletok #monday

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On a Bones Day, per Graziano, it’s a time to treat ourselves. Among his suggestions: Order the food we’re craving, ask for a raise, do some shopping. This is certainly something we can all get behind. And on a Bones Day that’s also a Monday? Given Graziano’s enthusiasm I say it’s doubly a self care day.

So, what does it mean if it’s a No Bones Day? “I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” Graziano reassures viewers. He adds that it’s giving us permission to “flop” on plans, referencing Noodle’s most graceful flop. It’s still self care, but in a slightly different way.

Obviously, there’s a reason Noodle is an internet sensation. There’s Noodle’s clear indifference to this particular game. (Graziano delightfully interprets the pug’s particular mood for us.) And then, of course, there’s the inherent positivity of the whole thing. It’s always a good idea to treat ourselves in small—or occasionally big—ways. And now we have Noodle to thank for the reminders.

So, that leaves us wondering: is it a Bones Day today? I guess we’ll have to visit Jonathan Graziano‘s TikTok channel to find out.

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