Oscar Isaac Wants to Be in the METAL GEAR SOLID Movie and It Might Actually Happen

Metal Gear Solid is next in line to make the jump from video games to movie, under the direction of Jordan Vogt-Roberts. During a recent press junket with IGN, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac was vocal about wanting to be a part of the Metal Gear Solid cast when asked which video game movie he’d like to be in. Vogt-Roberts’ ears perked up.

Although Vogt-Roberts was quick to note that it was musing and not an official casting announcement (and the casting process hasn’t even started), it’s obvious the director is as big of a fan of the idea as we are. He  tweeted, “The ball’s in Oscar’s court.”

This wasn’t the first time the idea of Isaac in the role ran through the director’s mind, it turns out. Vogt-Roberts reached out to concept artist BossLogic in August 2018, he revealed in that same tweet, asking him to secretly create a portrait of Isaac as Solid Snake. The result is immediately intriguing.

In the Metal Gear Solid series, one of games’ protagonists is Solid Snake, a dark and gruff master at espionage. His specialty is getting in and out without being seen, completing the jobs that no one else can get done. He’s not an emotional character, but he absolutely carries the respect and loyalty of his teammates nonetheless.

It would be fascinating to see what Oscar Isaac could bring to the upcoming film. If BossLogic’s concept art is any indication, Isaac would fit right into the role just as easily as Solid Snake hides under a box (which is perfectly, if you haven’t played any Metal Gear Solid games).

Who else do you want to see in the cast of a Metal Gear Solid movie? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

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