John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Reading Thirst Tweets Is So Awkward

We all know that there is a certain segment of Star Wars fandom that has been dying for the characters of Finn and Poe Dameron, played by John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, respectively, to hook up ever since The Force Awakens came out. But let’s not beat around the bush. The truth is, what a lot of those fans really want is for Finn and Poe to hook up with them.

And considering how handsome and suave both of these gentlemen are, you can hardly blame people for fantasizing. I mean, admit it, that one scene in The Force Awakens where Poe bites his lip? That is straight up sexy.

Now the folks over at Buzzfeed have decided to make Boyega and Isaac really uncomfortable on camera, as they have chosen a selection of naughty tweets from a group of super thirsty fans on the internet, and had both of the actors read them out loud.

Male, female, young, old – Star Wars fans from across the world are united in thirsty tweets. You can watch the entire video, filled with their priceless and awkward expressions, above.

Now, even though the actors were good sprts, you just know that both Boyega and Isaac are hoping that the press tour for Star Wars: Episode IX is a little less risqué. But this fan right here is definitely hoping for “John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Read Thirsty Tweets: Episode II.”  In the meantime, here’s that gif of Oscar Isaac biting his lip again. For posterity.

What do you think of both of these actors having to read some of the most shameless tweets around? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm / Buzzfeed

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