NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Comes with a Sing-Along Mode

It looks like Sandy Claws is coming early this year!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney is releasing a new Blu-ray edition in early September. Fans of Danny Elfman’s unforgettable songs may find this Blu-ray especially enticing, since it comes with a brand new sing-along mode. We may not sound like the Pumpkin King, but we can sing with him.

According to Disney, The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ sing-along mode will include pop-up lyrics for 11 songs, including “What’s This?”and “This Is Halloween.” But if fans simply want to watch the movie without distractions, the regular theatrical version is also an option.

Elfman’s contributions to this movie can’t be understated; he provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington in addition to writing the songs and scoring the film. Elfman’s music went a long way towards this movie withstanding the test of time. It’s widely regarded as a classic, even though it’s easily one of the weirdest films Disney has ever released.

The rest of the extras of the new Blu-ray have been released with previous editions of the film, but the sing-along aspect makes it special.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing-Along Edition will be released on Tuesday, September 2.

Are you excited to try out the sing-along mode on the new Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-ray? And what’s your favorite song from the movie? Do you agree with our ranking of all the songs in Nightmare? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Disney

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