Nick Lutsko Announces MORE SONGS ON THE COMPUTER 2 and Drops New Video

It was another big year for Nick Lutsko. Despite resigning in disgrace as President of Halloween in January, he named himself King of the holiday in October when he released his third Spirit Halloween song. He then jailed Beetlejuice as a political prisoner. And though the people rose up in anger over his controversial tax paid directly to his Venmo in monthly installments, that’s all candy under the bridge now. (If you have no idea what any of that means you’re really missing out on our favorite expanded universe.) Oh yeah, and he also wrote a whole bunch of great original songs. Now Nerdist can exclusively announce that Nick Lutkso is releasing them together with More Songs on the Computer. And we also have your first look at the video for the album’s final song, “2021 (Has Been So Fun).”

Both the song and album are way more fun than 2021 has been.

Lutsko’s followup to his album Songs on the Computer features 16 tracks. Along with a bonus song about a certain lawyer who recently had his license suspended. The album combines all of his songs from January 6 until December 3 of this year. It concludes with his ode to 2021, a.k.a. 2020 Part 2. While this past year hasn’t been a blast, Lutsko’s look back is. It features a rundown of the biggest stories and even gives a backstage look at how he prepares for his performances.

The digital release is available to purchase at Lutsko’s Bandcamp page. Just like with his last album, More Songs on the Computer will also include a vinyl campaign. If you also want a physical copy you can back it for as little as $30. Higher tiers get you bonuses, with the most expensive featuring very limited packages with exclusive perks. His previous vinyl campaign garnered a mere 1331% of its goal. So yeah, we expect this one to be fully funded too.

The animated album cover of Nick Lutsko's More Songs on the Computer album
Travis Knight

Nick Lutsko also gave us some insight into the making of the album. Along with how his grandma feels about her role in his bizarre universe.

Nerdist: How is this album different from the first?

Nick Lutsko: I was halfway finished with the last one before I really figured out what it was. The songs started sharing connective tissue pretty early on. But it wasn’t until “ Unleash Your Spirit” that I really started building a narrative. So I think this one feels a bit more cohesive.

These songs weren’t written together during one session. They are individual pieces composed one at a time. Listening to all of these songs together as an album, do you find any recurring themes?

By design, the same thing sort of happens over and over. A need for power and admiration, combined with a fear of execution, keeps Nick punching above his weight for most of the album.

What’s your favorite track and why?

Probably “#1 Hit on Country Radio” because it’s country as hell.

Does your grandmother like your music? What does she think about being a character in your world? A character you threaten to shoot into space.

My grandma is the best and has always been super supportive of my creative endeavors. Honestly, we haven’t had that conversation. I don’t look at the guy in the songs as me. So I don’t look at his grandma as my grandma. Maybe I should call and make sure we’re on the same page.

We certainly hope his grandma is on the same page with him. Not just because we are, no matter how weird Nick’s world gets. After the year he just had we’d hate to see a family squabble end it on a sour note.

Here’s the entire tracklist for Nick Lutkso’s More Songs on the Computer:

1. “2021 (Is Gonna Be So Fun)”
2. “Pay Me $100K To Play At Biden’s Inauguration”
3. “Give Me Tucker’s Show”
4. “Brendan Fraser Is Back”
5. “Here Comes The Gremlin Man”
6. “#1 Hit On Country Radio”
7. “Joe Biden Wants To Take Your Meat”
8. “Space Jam Song”
9. “LOL or GTFO”
10. “Joe Rogan Podcast”
11. “School Board Meeting”
12. “The Beatles Part II”
13. “Let Me Host S&L”
14. “Haunted By The Ghost of Ernest P. Worrell”
15. “Spirit Halloween Planet”
16. “2021 (Has Been So Fun)”
17. “Leak Like Giuliani (bonus)”

If these sound like your jam, make sure to grab your copy!

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